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Tristram is a new Diablo 1 community where you can meet new players and share your character stats with others. There is also a forum, a monthly experience ranking system called the Leaderbords, and lots of other stuff.

Your characters are uploaded to the Tristram character database by running the DiabloStats application while you are playing.

Attention Diablo streamers!


If you stream Diablo you will be featured automatically here on first page. Just add your twitch name in settings and start streaming. :)

Trial of Strength III - PVP Tournament 2016


It's that time again ... the best duellists in the kingdom Kahnduras assemble to determine who the best among them is. ‘Trial of Strength III’ invites all those who neither fear death, disgrace nor glory to answer the call of the arena. Any details and information can be found in the regarding section of our website.

‘Trial of Strength III’ officially started today [16 April 2016]. I wish each and every participants good luck, and above all lots of fun. May the best player take the win!

You can keep track of the latest tournament duels right here.

Diablo Information Site


I recommend all new and returning players to visit the following website:

Here you can find a large collection of information, guides, videos and applications for Diablo. Furthermore, you can download a virtual copy of the game itself.

Some minor updates and new moderator


We have moved our server to a more reliable location now. Hopefully no more downtime. We have also added some new features to B.NET GAMES section. And last, we have a new moderator to Please welcome Shade!

New leaderboards released


We have released a new version of the Leaderboards. The ranking is now based on characters instead of users, and a medal is awareded each month for every class.
Players can now also delete characters from the profile page.

Forum and About us released


The forum is now online! We also added an About us section with a bit of info. games


A list of public games available on is now visible to the right.

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